I need all of your help!
My band is in the running to be the featured artist for The Deli Philadelphia Magazine!If we win we will get a banner featured on their website, an interview that gets featured on their website and then sent out to the newsletter in all of their affiliate cities (NY, LA, Boston, etc.), and get one free song mastered through APS Mastering.
If you could take 8 seconds out of your day to go to this linkhttp://philadelphia.thedelimagazine.com/snacksand vote for my band The Vulcans!Voting ends at midnight tonight (9/17/13)
If you do I’ll love you forever, I’ll give you a shoutout if you message me letting me know, mention you in my Grammy acceptance speech, and ALSO if there are enough people I will select one at random to win these two books of mine

These are two really great Beatle books of mine. Lots of great stories and pictures!
Thanks! - reblog this please